About Us

Nestled at the base of the stunning Texas Hill Country, Wrenwood Farms and Stables offers a peaceful and quiet equestrian facility known for excellence in care, nutrition, breeding, sales and training.  My name is Rene’ Riddle and with the help of my dedicated husband Kelly and the amazing grace of God, we diligently manage Wrenwood Farms and Stables to offer you an exceptional stable for your equestrian needs.  Caring for horses is my passion and I’ve been doing it for over 40 years.  With a never-ending quest for knowledge, I’ve earned certifications in Equine Nutrition, Equine Biomechanics and Horsemanship Training.  During my competition years, I earned multiple US National Championships, as well as National Championship titles internationally.

Through decades of caring for, breeding, and showing horses, I’ve developed a passion for horse care with an emphasis in Equine Nutrition.  When fed optimally, horses thrive in good health and stay emotionally sound.  Many health care issues can be addressed or avoided completely by providing a balanced and complete nutritional program.  Nutrition for broodmares and growing foals is imperative and is a key component to our breeding success.

My enthusiasm and commitment to Wrenwood Farms and Stables is strong but we couldn’t do what we do without quality support.  The Wrenwood team includes a steadfast and dedicated group of wonderful horse owners, dependable and highly trained employees, excellent veterinary and hoof care professionals, top quality feed and hay suppliers, and many others that contribute to our mission of excellence.  The health and happiness of the horses at Wrenwood Stables is a direct result of this team effort.  We are thankful for the long-term relationships that contribute to making Wrenwood Farms and Stables the premier equine facility in the San Antonio and Boerne area.