Horsemanship Lessons & Training

Horsemanship Lessons at Wrenwood will teach you how to partner with horses to build a solid human-equine relationship.  This includes learning how to communicate, how to be an effective leader, and how to connect with horses in a deep and meaningful manner.  These learned concepts have the ability to take you to a new level of horsemanship and can create a wonderful new dynamic in your equine experiences.  It’s fun, it’s good for you, and most importantly, horses love it.

Horsemanship skills include not only riding, but much more.  Adding ground skills, interactive horseplay, and horse psychology will give you powerful tools to help you advance in your understanding of horses.  As you learn the individual nature of each horse you work with, you’ll gain new insights into what horses want and what motivates them to do the things we ask them to do.  You will learn to bring out the very best in your horse, in yourself, and in the equine partnerships that you form.


Private Lesson
Private Lesson w/Lesson Horse

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Please complete all the following forms and bring them with you to your first lesson:
Horse Stable Rules 
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