Breeding & Horses For Sale

We are pleased to present young sale horses for your consideration.   Here at Wrenwood Farms we breed high-quality broodmares to the very best stallions available.  While objectively evaluating each mare, we look for specific Stallion attributes to help us breed for athletic ability, good disposition, refinement, and trainability.  Our breeding goals align with those outlined with breed registry standards and our offspring have been awarded excellent scores in their breed registry inspections.

Care and management of broodmares and young foals is paramount to our equation for excellence.  Correct feeding of broodmares and growing foals is one of the most important considerations in producing horses to live full lives and achieve huge potential.  It is imperative to provide balanced, optimal and correct nutrition during the critical time of growth and development both in the womb and after the foal is born.  That’s what we do here at Wrenwood and the quality of our offspring is proof that it works.

We work with Stallion owners who offer support and advice throughout the breeding process as well as offering assistance on breed inspections, and early horse development.  When you buy a young horse from us, you will have our continued support as well as support from the Stallion owner.

Contact us to inquire about horses for sale and how we can help you find your next equine partner.  We sell to forever homes only, no brokers please.